As with any major purchase, buying a pool table can be a difficult and at times lengthy process.  The more informed and educated that you are about billiard tables, the easier the process can be.  Here are a few helpful hints to use when purchasing a pool table.  


Pool Table Room Dimensions

Weather you are placing your newly purchased pool table in a game room, garage, bar, patio, or outhouse, you must make sure that your pool table comfortably fits in the area that you have provided.  Different billiard table sizes are available to make this possible.  The "Regulation" size for a pool table simply means that the width is half of the length.  Table sizes are as follows:

- 3 ft  X  6 ft  (Kid's Size)
- 3  1/4 ft  X  6  1/2ft.  (Bar Size) 88inch
- 3  1/2 ft  X  7 ft (Bar Size) 93 inch
- 4 ft.  X  8ft.  (Most common for home use)
- 4  1/2 ft  X  9 ft. (Professional Size)
- 5 ft  X  10 ft  (Snooker Size)
- 6 ft  X  12 ft  (Snooker Size)

Purchasing a Pool Table


Slate Inspection       Slate is rock type natural stone that is mined out of a slate quarry and is machined to perfection for true balance and roll.  Slate is imported from Brazil, Italy or even now a days from China.   Inspect the slate by looking under the pool table.  check for any cracks or wholes.  Slate is very heavy and expensive and it is the heart and soul of a pool table.  Coin Operated bar pool tables usually have a 1 piece, 3/4 inch slate weighing anywhere between 350-500 lbs.  Drop pocket pool tables usually come in a 3 piece slate weighing anywhere between 200-400 lbs depending on the size of the table and the slate thickness anywhere from 1/2 inch to 2 inch.  The 3 piece slate pool tables are built that way in order to be transported easier and can be easier to installed in any upstairs game room.

Pocket Inspection Weather you are looking at a leather or plastic drop pocket pool table, inspect the webbing for any tears on them, loose staples, or screws. Plastic drop pockets are usually nailed on and leather pockets are usually stapled or screwed on from underneath the table. Inspect leather pockets for any cracking leather or looseness from the irons, if leather pockets are replaced, make sure they are of made of iron on the inside, not a cheap aluminum and real leather, not a composite that wont last for very long. Leather Pockets also come in different colors and different styles with tassles or a leather shield.

Frame Inspection     When looking under the pool table also inspect the support frame for any cracks in the wood or breaks in the joints.  The frame is what supports the slate and the base that will provide for the slate to be leveled out correctly.  Also inspect any wood or metal bracings in the corners or joints of the frame.  Pool Tables come equipped with double, triple (as seen in the illustration), or quadruple beam bracing.  The sturdier the frame, the sturdier the pool table will be. 

General Pool Table Maintenance

Now you have your newly purchased pool table in its designated location, its perfectly installed and leveled by our Somar Billiards installers and you are happy with your purchase.  Now it is time to maintain your fun investment and here are a few tips on how...

- Always use a felt brush or under rail brush to clean and dust your pool table.  Brush in one consistent direction, an upright vacuum cleaner can also be used, but the spinning bristles can cause your felt to stretch and cause air bubbles under the felt.  A horse hair brush is also better to use than a plastic hair one.

- Use chalk that matches the felt color, or you will see scuff marks of a different color chalk that are hard to remove.

- Keep glass, bottles, cans or any kinds of drinks away from the pool table.  Changing the cloth on the pool table is not cheap.

- Get a good cover to put on it when the pool table is not in use.  Cats love to jump on tables and claw up the felt, not to mention dogs that like to chew pockets.  A good cover will also protect from any sunlight damage that can cause your felt to fade in color.

- High humidity can cause the felt to stretch and cause air pockets under the felt, not to mention making the ball to roll slow.  Try to keep your pool table in a temperature controlled room, or at least when it is time to play.

- Spray a wood polish cleaner to keep the wood looking fresh and shiny.  Spray the cleaner on the rag FIRST, then wipe the rails.  Overspray on the wood can cause it to stain the felt.

-  Horizontal lines from the cloth being folded will fade after normal use, when your cloth has been newly installed.

- DO NOT try to pick up and move any pool table, stand or jump on top of it.  Certain movements can cause shims to go out of location, slate pieces can shift, causing the pool table to go off level.

We hope these tips on purchasing and maintaining your pool table could help.  If we could answer any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Have fun and Enjoy Your Pool Table!